About Me

I’ve been a lot of things in my life, but one of my dreams has always been to be a mom. My husband, “B”, and I went through the fertility treatment rollercoaster, with no success. We had even initiated the adoption process with an agency, then put the brakes on just in time for the agency to more or less close. We had just begun to work towards another adoption attempt, which would have included a willingness to be foster parents, when we found out that we were pregnant. Funny how God works things out like that.

Both my husband and I have service dogs. His dog, Bandit, assists him with a medical disability, while mine, Callie, helps me with hearing environmental sounds like my phone, people knocking at the door, the fire alarm, and the beeps and bells of various appliances. Our service dogs go to work with us each day- wherever we are. Mine has had the privilege of helping me in a classroom for early childhood education as part of a family literacy program, as well as in an adult education classroom setting, but now hangs out with me at home and around the community, as I am a stay-at-home mom. We have fostered several pups-in-training, who are now working as service dogs for other people with disabilities.

We are the first-time parents of our miracle baby, who was nicknamed “Pud” in-utero (“Pud” as in “puddin'” but rhymes with “mud”- don’t ask. Just think “awwww…”). Fun fact: Dr. Huxtable called Rudy “Pud” in an episode in the first season of The Cosby Show. For the purposes of this blog, our little one is still called Pud.

Parenting-wise, we’re attachment parenting-style parents, complete with babywearing, breastfeeding on demand, openness to extended breastfeeding, and bedsharing. We cloth-diaper. Taught the kiddo about food with baby-led weaning (aka- give ’em table food, not baby food). Don’t believe in spanking and corporal punishment, but definitely believe in teaching boundaries, choices, and consequences. Above all, we strive to bring honor to God in raising this little guy, because Pud is ours only as a loan from Him.


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