Thanks to a fun contest focused on giving that was sponsored by The Mommy Nest, we are the proud new owners of a Christmas Angel.  Today, after her second visit, we decided to name her “Merry”.  Every day, she brings messages for Pud with hints for how he can help share Jesus with others in our lives and community.  She puts the focus on celebrating the real reason for Christmas by encouraging giving and a giving spirit.  Today’s was super-simple, since he’s still a younger guy: “say thank you when others help you.”  Yesterday’s was more of a family project: “please help my friends who need clothes and shoes.  You can drop off the ones that don’t fit anymore at SECC!”  Tomorrow’s… well, it remains to be seen! She will fly back into our home, in another spot with another message written in gold dust for him and her storybook to remind him of why she keeps visiting.  She likes to make it fun for him to find her, so she moves around to different places around the house and waits patiently for him to discover her each morning. She will be a new part of Christmas at our house December 1-25!

If you are interested in the Christmas Angel, check out their website: