You know how there are these food places that everyone raves over and Mama tries it and it’s fantastic and then she realizes that nobody in the family can eat there? Sigh.

Here’s the sad-making, uses peanuts list; feel free to add on:

1. Penn Station- French fries
2. Five Guys- French Fries and shelled peanuts in lobby
3. Logan’s Steakhouse- shells and peanuts all over
4. Mexican food- mole sauce (contains peanut butter)
5. Chinese food- egg rolls (often contain peanut butter)
6. Chick-fil-a (happy dance- now they can eat grilled and the fries are fried in canola oil instead of peanut oil)
7. Yogurt shops (avoid the toppings like the plague!)
8. Ice cream shops (careful of scoop cross-contamination and/or toppings at some shops)

We don’t raise our kids in the peanut-free bubble because that is impossible and makes life difficult, but we are definitely cautious. I made a mistake on fries today and Bandit called me out on it big time when I got home… Benadryl down the kiddo just in case!