Pud and I decided that we wanted to eat lunch with B yesterday, but we were very undecided about where.  We half-heartedly drove up the road, when Lo! Behold! There was a hot dog cart stand at the park! How fun, right? We’d never done a hot dog cart experience, so we went to check it out.  Very glad that we did. It was enjoyable for all of us, and we felt really good about supporting a very kind man in his efforts to provide for himself and his family.

The owner of the cart, it turned out, had a good job and got cancer.  He went through chemo and radiation, got the cancer in remission and went back to work.  A few days later, he was let go.  His treatments had cost the insurance company something like $25,000 in less than a year, so they raised the premiums for the business to levels that they couldn’t pay.  Solution?  Fire the guy that raised the rates to get the healthier folk group rate again.

That was in May.  Now completely “uninsurable” and jobless, he and his wife invested in this hot dog cart business a couple of months ago and have been working to earn some extra money when the weather cooperates.

I am not going to get political here.  I’m not going to bemoan or cheer US healthcare, health insurance, and the new federal health care act policies.  That’s not the point of this post.

Instead, I’m celebrating the fact that this guy figured out a creative solution to help provide for himself and his loved ones.  I’m celebrating the fact that he did so even after fighting cancer with some of the ugliest, most awful treatments out there- and won. Life has definitely kicked his butt more than once, but he is still going, with a big smile on his face and stories of young grandchildren.  Sometimes… I need to be in touch with people like that. 

We will, of course, return on another beautiful and sunny day.