I have been reading back through some of the earliest posts here on Mama with a Dog and have been reminded of what it was like to be pregnant with Pud, and waiting anxiously for his arrival. I am particularly… amused… that I hardly had any nausea or morning sickness with him, and it was week 11 before I noted any.

We are expecting again, and we are thrilled, of course. But goodness! It’s only week 8 and I’ve been dealing with the crazy food/smell aversions and all-day-long (worse at night) “morning sickness” for 3 weeks already.

Mama said she was sick with my brother from day one to his delivery, very unlike her pregnancies with me and my sister. He was the only boy, so maybe that’s why. Since I already have birthed a boy and wasn’t this sick or food-adverse with him, maybe that’s a sign that this one is gonna be a girl?

At any rate, it’s true! I’m going ahead and announcing it, since I can’t seem stop the obvious signs of being ill: Pud’s got a little sibling on the way! Callie is back to her clingy, Mama’s-pregnant self, and Bandit’s been doing drive-by checks on me more often. Love those two! Pud will be excited as time gets closer and he is understanding more about what’s happening (like when the baby comes to stay… Permanently). He’s very into babies right now, so we’ll be playing with baby dolls quite a bit, with more emphasis on treating them gently and carefully, in preparation.