Pud and the dogs and I went to the park. Along comes this guy who hollers across the park something about securing my (tethered) dogs and baby because he wants to walk his husky past, but he knows he’s going to have trouble and the husky is dog-aggressive.

Whatever. So I went over to my dogs and sat on the bench with them and called Pud to join us. So my dogs stayed under control and laid calmly on the ground in a down while watching the guy manhandle his poor husky slowly past us (and about 15 feet away) with the choke chain doing a lot more choking than “training” or “correcting” or whatever. Every time the husky showed an interest in my dogs, he got jerked more. So, wonder why he’s dog-aggressive and unsafe around kids? And if a dog is unsafe around kids, why choose the path right by a playground???