I’m sure someone out there has done some variation of this before us, but folks… we’re actually researching traveling by train with 2 service dogs and a toddler. Like, an overnight trip, or maybe 2 nights.

So many questions have already popped up:

1. Potty time for the dogs. Will there be enough time at stops to give them the chance to potty? Where? How often? Bandit is so sound-sensitive- will he freak out? Should I pack Dramamine?

2. Safety for the kiddo. Should I be putting him in a carseat? How do we keep him safely contained an supervised while we sleep? Will I sleep?!?

Since I started typing this list, I’ve had a chance to do some research and thinking… There are no seatbelts, so little one riding in carseat is moot. We live near by some day/dinner trains, so we can start working on the dogs and getting them used to trains now, before the big trip. A call to our trainer is definitely in order, though, so we can get some helpful hints! And fortunately, we are looking at being able to have sleeper cars for the trip. Thank heavens…

There are still a lot of things to think about in preparation, but I’m actually starting to get excited.

Any advice for train travel, from your experience?