Pud has gotten some books in his collection that we just LOVE. Some of these beg to be shared, because they are so wonderful in some way. It is my goal to highlight some of these books on this blog. The current aim will have to be monthly, but we’ll see! We LOVE books around here, so you can be sure any I list on this blog have been read many, many, many times.

  1. The Very Best Daddy of All by Marion Dane Bauer.

This one is a new one, from Christmas. I ran across it at the day-after-Christmas clearance at our local bookstore, and when I read it, I knew I’d found what I’d spent over a year searching for: a book that rejoices in the ways that daddies love their babies. The book goes through the animal kingdom and describes different ways that daddies take care of their babies, then ends with a shout-out to “the best, the very best, the very best daddy of all.” It quickly became one of Pud’s favorites, and we read it daily.

2. Snuggle Puppy! by Sandra Boynton. Pud can sing along the “ooh!” part now. He loves this book!

3. It’s Time to Sleep, My love by Eric Metaxas (pictures by Nancy Tillman). Pud and I really enjoy the soothing rhythm and the beautiful pictures of the bedtime story that I picked up at the same post-Christmas sale. B, on the other hand, appreciates the pictures but doesn’t like the poem. I guess it doesn’t matter too much. We have been asked to read this for every nap and bedtime and morning wake-ups since I got it. It is definitely effective in lulling little guy to dreamland.