I read on another “mommy blog” recently about attitude adjustment and how it greatly affects one’s relationship with one’s children.

Last week, both D and Pud were high-needs children. Pud was getting over a painful shot and poor D was having one of those weeks when he wasn’t getting enough time with his mama, thanks to a longer commute (yay for broken bridges) and the ridiculous gobs of schoolwork she had to complete fir her classes. Both of them were needy. But so was I.

It is hard sometimes, as a mama, not to begin resenting one’s children for demanding so much more than one has to give at times. I mean, Pud had just used up all of my reserves with a 3 week battle with strep that had ended only 1 short week prior.

I was in need of serious attitude adjustment. I told myself one night, “Tomorrow, these boys will be very needy. Tomorrow I will not try to keep up with chores, because they will be needing my full attention- and that is okay.”

It helped when I thought about how needy we are, and how many times we ask our Father for His attention. Does He say, “wait” every time we need him? Oh, no. He listens. Every time. Fortunately, he’s much better at multi-tasking than I, because there are an awful lot of us children pulling on his clothes in his world. He takes time. Even when He was human, Jesus took time from teaching and “important” matters to sit and love on children who wanted his attention.

The day I decided to drop everything else but the boys turned out to be the best day of the week, even though they still needed to be held and carried and loved on almost more than I could give.

I found my extra reserves by praying for my Father’s help and adjusting my attitude. Good thing, too, because their needs were SO great, neither one napped!