The past two weeks, Pud has started to do some really fun and not-always-fun new things.

1. He dances. I take that back, because he always has. But he has a definite new dance move that mimics tap-dancing. It is a hoot to watch and one can’t help joining in.

2. He washes his hands. He has started climbing up on the stool to grab the bar of soap, roll it in his hands and rub his hands back and forth before we rinse them. He loves this “game” so.much. We play it multiple times every day.

3. He runs. No, I am not kidding here. He runs. Which makes life more fun for the dogs- especially Bandit, who isn’t quite sure how to respond. Run with him? Stop him? Kiss him when he falls? Wait- he sometimes cries- loudly- when he falls and bangs up a body part, so Bandit should stop him, right? Ah, the stress!

4. He plays “fetch”. Sometimes he throws. Sometimes he fetches. This is one of his favorite games to play with the dogs with us.

5. He wipes surfaces. He likes to get his washcloths and wipe his chairs, his little table, his face, the dogs…

6. He moves furniture. He pushes and pulls and climbs anything he can. He loves to climb in the rocking chairs to rock, and spends an enormous amount of time climbing into his children’s chairs to swing his legs and giggle. Sometimes, he takes a book or a toy. Makes me wanna sing “Herman the Worm” to him. Maybe I will. I’m sure he’ll laugh with me!

7. He chatters pretty much non-stop, pointing out everything he’s talking about. Thank heavens for the pointing, because now we can pretend to be hip & in-the-know and chatter along with him about his favorite topics: dogs, pictures, books, shoes, and trees.

8. He’s figuring out the use of a spoon and having a much higher success rate with using it. In fact, he’s begun to insist upon using one with his meals, even if he still resorts to fingers at some point. Pretty cool, I think. One of his new favorite foods is sunflower seeds, and a diehard favorite is cold grapes.