Okay, so I probably need to make note of a new character in our family stories.

D, as we will very affectionately call him here, is our little buddy who spends weekdays with me and Pud while his mama works.

D has introduced Pud to wheels, and all things that go on wheels, with great enthusiasm. He loves to read as much as we do, so cozying up with books is a daily ritual here.

D is also almost the complete opposite of Pud in personality: he tends towards being much more reserved and cautious in new situations than Pud, and he definitely prefers the cleanliness and order that Pud isn’t as worried about. If given the choice of toys, D zeroes in on the cars and trucks; Pud heads for toys with wire and strings first.

D and Pud are both nature-lovers and cannot seem to get nearly enough time outside exploring. Both love playing fetch with my Callie- their version. It looks something like this: Pud hands me a ball or toy, I throw it, Callie catches it, D takes it from her and runs it back to me, and then I give it to Pud to throw (a very short distance), Callie runs to get it, brings it to me, and then I throw it and we start all over again. Hey- Callie practices releasing her treasures willingly to a little guy, being patient with another little guy’s attempts to throw (“wait for it” is her cue from me), and the boys have fun playing with her. Win-win-win!

It’s quite comical to watch the two of them together: Pud pulling out all the pots and pans from the cupboard, then D following behind to put them all away, for example. D counts toys as he divvies them out to each of us and Pud vocalizes along in his babbles.

When we have our circle time and do our Bible time, D pulls out all the instruments to play as we sing, and Pud pulls out every Bible he can find for singing “Pat the Bible” and “The B-i-b-l-e” song.

Our D certainly helps add variety and excitement to our days, and we love him. The boys tend to miss each other on weekends. So sweet!