Lord, please have mercy. The cooler temperatures have been great. A day or two of drizzles, also nice.

A whole week of gray and rain, on the other hand, is getting me down. Why?

I’m actually tired of being creative and helping keep the troops occupied. This morning, for instance, we walked the dogs for 45 minutes, built a tent in the living room, read books and our Bible stories of the week, played with the new birthday toys, counted and read numbers on the gear cut-outs adorning the walls, read birthday cards, and talked about big rigs. Pud took a half-hour nap, and our buddy, D, played airplane by running around the house with his hands in the air like he had toy planes in them. We fixed and ate lunch, and they weren’t ready to nap just yet, so desperation struck.

I cleaned out the tub, with some curious onlookers, and then filled it up and dumped Pud, D, and a bunch of stuff from my kitchen in it, saying, “Since we can’t go outside to play in our pool, we’re going to play inside in the tub.” Clever and simple, right? Bonus: I got to clean the sink and toilet and sweep the bathroom while they played chefs. Don’t worry- my bathroom is tiny; they were within arms’ reach the whole time.

That bought me an hour; after which, I unceremoniously dumped each in their respective beds, turned on some nap music, and now that they’re both asleep, I’m off to figure out what to do this afternoon… I might just be desperate enough to make “clean mud”…

“Clean Mud” recipe
1 roll toilet paper, shredded
1 bar Ivory soap, shredded (or put in microwave, watch it expand, then crumble it into small pieces… More fun and more science)
Water-enough to make frothy and mudlike

This will wash away in the rain, if played with outside. It feels like mud, but is, you know, cleaner… and smells better… and doesn’t stain your furniture or floors…

What are some things you do with little ones on rainy days?