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This week it dawned on me: we have left the realm of “we want to homeschool someday” for the wonderful world of “we ARE homeschooling.”

Our “curriculum” is Pud’s interest in the world around us and the Bible. Our daily “lessons” are centered around play and work around the house and yard, including errands in the community.

We read a selected Bible story every day for a week- sometimes multiple times & from different versions. We sing Bible verses and other songs, and we play instruments as we do so. We pull out the baby doll and take care of it like God did Baby Moses. We use playdough to cut out pairs of animals and count 1-2. We playact (roleplay) our stories.

We walk the dogs and learn to watch for cars and read signs.

We learn hot and cold and dirty and clean by cooking our food and washing our dishes. We play with pots and pans and measuring cups, and as we move them in & out of the cabinets, we learn about big and little and that little fits in big but big doesn’t fit in little.

We read illustrated maps of our town and learn that some bridges are for trains, while others are for cars. We see different kinds of birds and plants and trees and watch them change through the seasons. We use pens and crayons to make marks on paper to represent our thoughts and ideas. We explore. We ask questions and look for answers.

We go to the zoo and talk about what we observe the different animals doing. We take pictures and videos to look at again and again.

We learn to take turns with the dogs and our friends, which helps us learn to share and cooperate with others.

We build with blocks and Legos and learn that structures don’t stand up well if they are too tall. We pull the boxed goods and canned goods off the shelves and put them back, sorting them by size, type, color, or shape.

We are very busy all day long. There is a word for this: learning. Learning that happens at home and at school… Homeschool.

We are Pud’s first and most important teachers, and we are homeschooling. Already. Amazing, isn’t it?