Pud is officially leaving the world of four-legged critter to join the two-legged critters. He has, in the past 2 weeks, gone from cruising and crawling and standing in one place to squatting, cruising with one hand and tentative steps in the middle of the room all by himself. Exciting times.

Childproofing has become a new challenge, as Pud is also a climber. He has no problem moving things and knocking them over so that he can climb up to new heights- the latest being using a bag of hand-me-downs to climb onto the couch and look out the window. If he could, I’m certain he would have tried to climb up the curtains to swing from the rods like he’s seen monkeys do at the zoo.

I’m so glad the baby gates we bought for the dogs 3 years ago are the tall ones. Wonder how much longer they’ll do their job, though?