Pud loves water. Loves it so much he has made it his mission to discover everything there is to know. As a result, he knows how the hose sprayer works. Where to turn on the faucets on the tub and the sink. How to make the water go down the drain in the tub- and the old sink drain, before his daddy swapped it out for a new one that has the built-in stopper no bathroom sink should be without. How to crawl from the pool to the hose and back again. That he can splash by hitting the water, pour by scooping in a cup or spoon and tilting, and that he can make the hose sprayer spray when it’s not turned on if he holds it in the pool for a minute. He knows that soap tastes bad, makes the water change colors, and is fantastically fun because it can slip right out of his hands. At the same time, he knows how to hold it so it won’t slip. He knows that when he pees in the toilet, it makes a fantastic sound as the urine splashes into the water and he knows what it looks like when the toilet us flushed. Little Pud also knows water with soapy bubbles In it cleans the dishes and his clothes, and water rinses those bubbles away.

Aren’t little humans amazing?