As you may recall, I mentioned in a previous post that I’m taking advantage of the giveways I’m spotting on other blogs and on facebook to explore new products and companies (many are work-at-home-moms aka WAHMs).  I’m considering doing a giveaway prize of my own some day- but I need to be organized first.  In the meantime, guess what??

Happy Heinys diaper in Puppy print!

I won a Happy Heinys  true one size pocket diaper through a giveaway I found on Stay at Home Mom and Marine Wife.   I was SO excited when it came in the mail last week.  Washed it a couple of times to prep it for actual use (necessary to build absorbancy in new diapers) and got to try it out for the first time this week.  I LOVE the pattern.  Can you guess why? (I was SO EXCITED I forgot to take pictures… coming soon… feel free to guess what the print is in the comments!)  My Bummis covers all use hook-and-loop fasteners, except for one which has snaps.  They are also not one-size (which is fine- I love the snugger fit of the 2 size system).  The Happy Heinys are one-size with snaps in the rise to adjust to fit newborn, small, medium, and large babies.  They adjust to baby’s waist with hook-and-loop closures..  My large baby is wearing the medium setting quite comfortably at 20 lbs.  I didn’t do as much “prepping” as I should have before putting it on him, so I was nervous that it would leak because it couldn’t fully absorb, but it held up great!  I’m excited.  Pocket diapers are new to me, but I have a couple in my stash that were given to me by a friend whose baby is skinnier than mine- I’m quickly coming to understand why folks love them so much.  On the go, they are so much quicker and easier to deal with than putting on a prefold and a cover- especially with a wiggly worm being changed in the car.  I’m glad I’m trying out these different options, so that I have them around for (eventual) babysitters who may not be as patient or as willing to learn our prefolds + cover system.  I have to also admit that if I had had these around when I was doing diapers in the middle of the night with a newborn, I’d have grabbed them every time, just because they don’t require any thinking.

SO… having won one fun diaper (and one more on the way- a Bummis brand Swimmis swim diaper- so excited!!), I want to encourage you to seek out some freebies of your own!

I was in no way influenced in my review by the Happy Heinys company or any of their affiliates. This review is entirely my own thoughts and experiences, shared for the benefit of others who are exploring cloth.