So… There’s a full moon now! And does this increase the likelihood that Pud will be coming this week? Ahhhhhhhh, I’d love it. The truth is, from my Internet research, that a full moon doesn’t increase the number of births. Oh, well! Only indication that birth day is getting closer- stronger Braxton- Hicks. Dr. S is planning to check my cervix tomorrow, and then we’ll see, though even if it’s started opening and thinning, birth is incredibly unpredictable and may still wait 2 or more weeks. Or she can say that nothing is happening and several hours later, we’re headed to the hospital. God loves giving us a good mystery in our lives, I think.

Confirmed today that I’m all set to be on B’s health insurance, starting September 1st. Thank goodness. One less worry.

Update (8.24.2010) baby and I are doing fine- both of us are healthy. And on track. No dilation yet, but our hospital’s labor hall is full!