Not beautiful because I used the self-timer, but here's me at nearly 38 weeks

Pud is still the size of a watermelon.  If you recall, watermelons come in different sizes… he will be the longish sort.  When Callie and I went in for a check-up on Monday, everything looked great. 

Pud, Dr. S said, is measuring a bit larger than what she expected for 37 weeks and a day.  I figured he was stretched out as long as he could during the measurement.  Neither of us is worried.  He’s healthy and that’s all that matters.  B and I have been prepared for a big boy all along, anyway.

I “gained” a significant amount of weight in a week after not gaining for three weeks- and this was after one of the hottest heat-wave weeks of the summer, so Dr. S said it’s probably mostly water.  I was pretty swollen and stiff and drinking a LOT of water, but there was no winning in the battle against 110 heat index temps.  Still drinking tons of water to combat dehydration and swelling, which means I’m practically married to my pink water bottle.

5 main reasons I was glad not to be working this week:

1. Pud’s clothes have been washed and put away.  He has diapers and a diaper pail.  He has clean blankets and a clean bed waiting for him.

2. The Credit Union is on the ball with our mortgage application.  I’ve been able to drop by and check on it several times and supply any additional information requested.

3. It was cool enough most mornings and evenings to take the pups to the park or for walks, which was good for all of us.  A tired dog is a happier dog, and much less likely to get in trouble.

4. I cleaned house and “nested”.  There are rooms that had suffered greatly from neglect that look and feel so much better. 

5. I could rest.  It was so nice to be able to truly go at my own pace this week, alternating errands, chores, and nesting with bouts of rest and short or long naps.

Now we wait.  Ya can’t hurry love and ya can’t hurry a baby.  We anticipate his arrival in the next week or so, though there’s nothing that says he will come before September.  God knows that it would help the family finances if he did arrive before the end of August (my deductible is MET! Now we’d only pay 10% until we reach the out-of-pocket maximum), but ultimately, God’s in control and He knows best. 

To fill up the “waiting”, B is already transferring several of our favorite CDs to the iPod.  We’ve met with our doula to see her bag of tricks and go back over our birth plan with her.  I’ve had another sleep study with my CPAP to be sure it doesn’t need to be re-adjusted.  I’m pulling out the sewing machine and using some flannel to make burp cloths and to make some repairs that have been waiting a long time for that day when “I have time”.  We’re cleaning.  We’re talking to Pud and the dogs about what’s going on.  We’re training Piper and teaching her the house rules.  We’re letting the dogs check out every new thing that comes in for Pud.  I’ve been using my new blender to make my all-time favorite treat of the month: fruit smoothies.  B has been working some extra hours, trying to prepare for the transition of being gone for a bit once Pud arrives.   I’ve been working on a cheat sheet of tips for the hospital staff, so that they aren’t making huge blunders in dealing with a deaf patient.  Basically, we’ve been going about our business. 

Last week, I was ready for Pud to come, simply because I was SO miserable.  This week, I’m ready for him to come but I’d like to get a little more done first.  Funny how badly you want Christmastime to come, and then when it gets closer, there’s a sense of panic because there’s still so much left to do!  The same is true with this baby.  Once he comes, everything changes.   Some of those changes I really look forward to: the promise of losing the carpal tunnel in my left wrist and constant numbness in my right fingers, the ability to turn over in bed without having to completely wake up to do so, and the smell of a newborn baby to kiss and cuddle.