Pud is officially full-term.  He can be born at any time now and be a perfectly healthy baby boy.  Isn’t God great?!?  We’ve gone on a journey from infertility to “high risk” surprise pregnancy to the “perfect pregnancy” with no complications or problems (other than sleep apnea).  Our little (big) watermelon is gaining about half an ounce a day now, but I’m not really gaining much more weight (the scale’s been the same for the past 3 weeks), even while still eating quite a bit throughout the day.  Interesting fact: boys tend to weigh more than girls at birth- and pregnant mamas of boys tend to eat more than pregnant mamas of girls- so I better start saving up the moolah we’re gonna need to keep him fed through puberty and the “bottomless pit” years!

This week has been a week of receiving abundant blessings and being reminded that our community- friends, family, co-workers, students, neighbors, and fellow-dog people- views our child as a blessing as much as we do.  The outpouring of love for him and for us has been really comforting in the sense that this is probably THE hardest job we’re ever, ever going to take on in our lives- and I’m not just thinking about the actual job of bringing him into this world.  We’re going to screw up, get frustrated, not have a clue about some things, regret some decisions, etc.- but we have people who support us and will help guide us along the way with prayers, advice, love, and general support.  What more can we ask for in this world than to know we truly are not alone?  God makes His presence known in some of the most surprising ways sometimes. 

Shower given by co-workers- pictures and collage W. Dominick

I officially ended my job in the adult education and family literacy programs yesterday, after a lovely send-off/baby shower from my peers on Tuesday afternoon.  I was so excited to wake up today and get started on nesting, but by the time I ran the necessary errands this morning with the girls, it was HOT.  I mean 100 degrees plus the humidity equals an outrageous heat index HOT.  I came home and let Piper out and dissolved into the kiddie pool, fully clothed.  It helped, but the nap that came after helped even more.

Piper does relax with me towards the end of her first PUPT puppy class

Callie curled up in Pud's bedside sleeper

Earlier this week, I rearranged our bedroom to include a place for Pud to sleep next to our bed, which made me realize I have a whole new training issue to address.  Callie is great at making space for herself and making herself “fit” wherever she wants to be.  Apparently so great that if the whole family takes a nap together on a hot afternoon, she will use her amazing reasoning and thinking skills to problem-solve her way into crawling over B into Pud’s bed when she gets too hot curled up between us.  It was a nice, big empty space.  I admit that if there had been a body in there, she might not have considered it fair game, but I’m glad to find out NOW that I need to teach her to stay out of his bassinet.  She hasn’t returned to it since I told her to get out of it and that it was for the baby, but neither has the whole family sacked out since then.  Ahh, well.  No sweat if everyone sleeps in their crates for naps from now on; that’s what they’re there for.  So much for the nap exception to the bed rules, though.

As for the “new house”- we have turned in our signed good faith estimate and approved the $$ for the appraisal to take place and turned in all the other necessary paperwork.  Now we wait for the appraisal to be scheduled and completed in the next week or so, and then we’ll see from there.  Everything is looking great so far, thank goodness.  Lesson learned: Go Local.

B thinks we have 1.5-2 weeks left.  Officially, we have about 21 days left (3 weeks).  The doctor has made no indication or attempt to predict Pud’s arrival (smart woman), but she has given us her cell phone number and approved our birth plan.  We’ll be talking more with her these last weeks, as we all get ready to for his birth day.  We’ve pre-registered with the hospital (turns out that is a good reason to know your child’s name before birth), talked with the hospital about interpreters, and gotten several lined up for “first choices”.

I look forward to seeing our sweet boy, smelling his sweet new baby smell, and regaining proper feeling in my fingers again.  Losing the swollen feet wouldn’t be so bad, either.  I’m clinging to the promise that this most uncomfortable part of carrying around a growing human… will pass.  There is no joy that comes without a bit of pain or discomfort, after all!