Callie & Bandit watching over me from under the rosebush

Pud and Iwent to the doctor’s office this morning.  Today was a significant milestone, in that we got to take B and Bandit, too.  Bandit did great and was very relaxed- so relaxed, he laid on the “move table” button by accident and caused it to rumble- he didn’t even blink at the sound.  Funny boy. 

Immediately after my appointment, we went across the hall for B’s apppointment, and Bandit was very intent on all the sounds he heard there, including the blood pressure machine.  I suppose, because it was his person being poked and prodded.  B is doing well (he’s lost 10 pounds- yeah!), and we were able to pick up a new “safety’s sake” prescription for his life-threatening allergy, as his old one has expired.

Pud is still moving around quite a bit, but not nearly so much as at our last visit, 2 weeks ago.  We met the nicest nurse practitioner, who is new to the office staff, and we already adore her.  Emily found Pud’s heartbeat without any problems, and sat down to talk with us a little bit about the natural childbirth we hope to have.  She will be an awesome nurse-midwife, once she completes her midwifery training; she has a great bedside manner and is very relaxed when she talks with us about what’s going on with our baby, what we can expect at the hospital, and what to expect at the next check-up.  She was very encouraging and supportive of our desire to go natural.

Getting ready to sit in my pool 4th of July- 31 Weeks

I fully expected Bandit to react in some way to hearing Pud’s heartbeat for the first time externally, but he did nothing.  Callie perked up and looked up at my belly, then made eye contact with me and looked back at my belly.  I spoke to her briefly about how she was hearing her baby (which I know she knows, but she was doing her job- telling me about that sound and making sure I knew about it).  She listened carefully until the doppler was put away.

I also had to give more blood to the vampires, in the name of testing for iron levels and some other routine stuff.  Baby and I are doing great so far.

Pud’s movements are still indicating a healthy, active baby boy.  He is doing some more sleeping, I can tell, but he’s still squirming around in there.  Squirming is a really good description, because the big “kicks” of a month ago or so, are mostly gone.  Now it’s more like rolls and stretches, as he’s running out of space.  He’s running out of space  at about 4 pounds and 19 inches, and we have 8 weeks left to go.  Wow.   

I’m officially at the stage where he gets really, really uncomfortable sometime just about every day.  I’ve had to learn to ask B for more help with basic errands like going to the grocery, just because walking the entire store is exhausting.  I have struggled a bit this week with trying to find the right balance of activity to match my ever-changing energy stores.  I find that I’m going through bursts of activity and energy now.  I feel an itch to work around the house,  and then, after a little while, I just as strongly need to sit down and do nothing but sit and sip on water.  Maybe that is, in part, related to needing to change positions frequently, or suffer the painful consequences.

Callie fishing treats out of her pool, July 4th

One really lovely experience this week was going to my parents’ fitness center with them and getting in a real pool for a couple of hours.  Swim, swim, swim; float, float, float; repeat.  Losing some of the baby weight was such a nice relief for my tired muscles and sore joints.  There is very little in the world more wonderful than expending energy swimming as hard as one can, and then releasing all the tension from one’s muscles with a relaxing float.  Especially if you can also close your eyes and enjoy the “silence” of being immune to external sounds.  Most of you probably don’t have this privilege… I feel deeply sorry for you.  I really do.

A fun thing that I found this week is a “height prediction tool” for guesstimating Pud’s full-grown adult height.  It’s pretty simple math and accurate within about 4 inches either way (shorter or taller).  According to the tool, he’ll be just over 6 feet, a little taller than his daddy.  However, if the “within 4 inches” rule holds, he could be as tall as his Uncle E, Pop-Pop, and Uncle D- in the 6’3″ to 6’4″ range…  I know.  I know.  Some of you are about to say, “and that means that he could also be 5’6″.”  Hush, you!  I need a reliably tall teen to get stuff down from the top cabinets for me someday down the road!

HOUSE news: We are still in the waiting game.  We hope to hear something this afternoon or Monday.  The one question the underwriters raised was, basically, “So… why are you buying a cheaper house as a primary residence in the Ville if your employer is in the Capital City?”  Ahh.  Well.  So that required a letter of explanation (simple- the “employer” and “employer address”  is in Frankfort- his job assignment is in the Ville), which has been sent off.  With that, hopefully, everything else is good to go.

Enjoying the cool water in my pool

A couple of new things that are on my “baby to-do list” for the next week or so: work out baby shower plans with their hostesses, tweak the registries, start writing a birth plan, and call pediatricians to set up appointments for interviews.

I cannot express how glad I am to have already set up the crib, even if we have to move it in a few short weeks.  I will also be glad once we have a carseat installed in the car, for the dogs and for us to get used to.  These two things mean that our baby will be safe and sound and that we are “ready” for him, even if we really aren’t.