Little Pud had an exciting week this week, in addition to the excitements of new firsts developmentally: dreams (and all 4 stages of sleep), blinking, coughing, intense sucking, better breathing, and mostly mature lungs.  I’m grateful for the knowledge that he’s made it through the worst times to be born and is now safely ready to come whenever God says, “Go.”  My body has even started to show me that it’s ready whenever he is, though we MUCH prefer he hold off on arriving until closer to done.  Only chocolate chip cookies should come out of the oven just slightly before finished cooking. 

First, his daddy got to feel his hiccups for the first time on Monday night.  B had gotten his haircut and mentioned that my feet were getting very swollen, and from the hairdresser got the idea that I should spend 30 minutes per day with my feet up- knees above my heart.  We settled on the couch with my feet on a couple of pillows in B’s lap.  He was resting his hand on Pud, and I felt that Pud was getting hiccups.  When I pointed this out to him, B felt it and nodded in amazement that we can tell when he’s got the hiccups. 

Tuesday was pretty quiet.  B got a little more information from different banks about their mortgage rates, closing costs, and requirements.  We have a lot of reading and thinking to do, but I think we’ve already found the one we hope to get.  Thank goodness.  I’d love to get that part of the process DONE by June 30, but we’ll see.

Mama and Pud on Sugar during F.L.I.P. end-of-year party

Wednesday, Pud rode a horse for the very first time… and loved it.   I had a great time, too, though I learned that balancing on a horse is very different when your belly sticks out!  Many praises and thanks to Sugar, who put up with taking us on a twofer. 

When we took the kids to the barn to introduce them to the horses, Sugar immediately took to me and to Pud.  She licked my sides and sniffed my belly, while Pud rolled around in joy.  I think they were having some kind of a conversation that I surely couldn’t understand, but I might be having myself a cowboy!  During the (very brief) ride, he settled down and went to sleep with the rocking motion of Sugar’s gait.  Pretty soon after we got off, he woke up and started kicking around as if he was protesting the end of the ride.

Enjoying popsicles at the end of a fun day

Also on Wednesday, B got to do the home inspection thing with the home inspector- one of the important next steps towards owning our new house.  It took about 2.5 hours, B said, and there really are no structural problems that we have to worry about.  For the most part, the problems the inspector found were ones that we had already noticed and are minor.  We are very grateful for another answered prayer.  That night, Bandit told Callie all about the house, and she told him all about the farm.  The sniffing, licking, and dog talk they had was hilarious.

The house we're buying!

Thursday, I learned that my current fiscal agent is offering to let us extend our health insurance until Aug 31, at our current rates, to be pulled from our last paycheck.  Since I have the single plan that costs me nothing in terms of premiums from my paycheck, I’m getting 2 more months for free instead of jumping on to B’s at the end of June.  That means approximately $600 saved!  I double-checked.  I really do get 2 more months for free before I have to deal with switching.  Talk about one grateful mama and papa! 

Tomorrow (Friday), I have a doctor’s appointment with Dr. S.  It’s week 28 (almost- on Sunday), so I get to do the glucose tolerance screen.  I cannot describe the amount of enthusiasm I have for drinking 50 grams of Nasty quickly first thing tomorrow morning.  The things I do for my Pud… painful but worth it.

Saturday, we will be busy all day long with a childbirth class at the local hospital.  Yes, despite the impending move, we’re delivering here- with Dr. S.- come what may.  To prepare, we want to hear about the equipment, medications, process, and location involved in birthing there. 

Sunday will begin the natural childbirth class series at Baby Moon, which will be for the next 6 weeks.  Sweet B gets to end his very first Father’s Day in a childbirth class.  We are aiming for au naturel, in part because I am afraid of pain medications.  Seriously.  I have had bad allergic reactions to a lot of pain medications in the past couple of years.  I’m afraid to take anything stronger than Advil or Tylenol (and no, I’m not taking Advil while preggers).   Even Aleve (naproxen) doesn’t agree with me.  I’m sure Dr. S. will take good care of me and Pud when the time comes.  If we absolutely must have medication, then we will, but I’m hoping and praying that learning many non-medicated strategies to deal with the pain will drastically cut down on the need. 

Today, Pud got a great hand-me-down book, called Wibbly Pig is Upset by Mick Inkpen (the updated version is Wibbly Pig is Happy).  The story is one of a pig who happily heads to the beach and builds a sandcastle.  Right when he’s all done and he’s eating a yummy ice cream cone, a wave hits.  He’s upset and he needs a hug, but the only one around is his dog, who gives him a lick, and he’s happy again.  It’s pretty much the perfect book for our family and our Pud, who can anticipate a lot of tears being licked away as he grows up!

The poll revealed the top 3 preferred names are Jaron, Gabriel, and Ian.  Thanks to those who participated in the bit of fun.  Also, will the dogs alert to labor before we know it’s labor?  100% of those who voted believe they will.  Now if only we can be smart enough humans to pay attention!  Have a lovely week.