Pud is officially being measured from head to toe now!  He’s approximately 15 inches and approximately 2.2 pounds… a cucumber.  I pulled out a yardstick and measured that while holding it next to my belly.  Amazing that 15 inches can fit in there- and that he’s not even close to finished with growing!  No wonder my digestive system seemed to go all out of whack this week… where’s the room for the food?  Back to small meals and snacks all day long, instead of 3 squares!

One really cool thing that happened with Pud this week was that I got to feel him have the hiccups for the first time.  It was an unmistakeable sensation: a rhythmic pop in the same spot at regular intervals for about 5 minutes or so. 

So this week is full of news for the whole family.  Last weekend, we put an offer on a house near B’s work, which would be about 5-7 minutes of commuting time for him each day.  We got news, after a little renegotiating, that our offer was accepted.  Now we’re in the whirlwind of buying a house: finalizing mortgage loan details, home/termite inspections, and all that jazz.  So far, God’s been working things out for us, so we’re going to keep trusting and praying that everything else will fall into place.

I’m even starting (very slowly) to determine which things we might actually want to move from our current house, and which things we can live very happily without.  I’m going to be hosting my very first yard sale someday soon, for which I can depend on B to help with hauling stuff out and removing the dogs from the premises for a day of fun.  I just found 4 plastic totes filled with pictures and “paper memories” (letters, programs from graduations, wedding guest book, things I’ve written, etc.) in the closet, so I’m inspired to take on putting them in albums and scrapbooks, but that’s probably a better project for this winter, when we’re all cooped up.  I’m just glad I’m going to have a place to put them and be able to pull them out and play.  The new house’s floorplan promises to meet our needs ever so much better than what we’ve got now.

Last night, I had the privilege of participating in celebrating the achievements of 136 men and women who have earned their GEDs since our last graduation a year ago.  We still don’t know who will be able to provide this service to our community after July 1, but I’m so glad that my team was able to assist 136 people with meeting this difficult goal and changing their lives- and this is only a fraction of the people we are still helping. 

I should get back to cleaning and the grand sort.  There’s a lot to be done before this child arrives, and I am quickly learning that I MUST work in short bursts, or pay the painful consequences of sore joints.

By the way, my young friend Eva asked me last night about what we plan to name our baby, and suggested we call him Naza, after her daddy.  Since her daddy is one of my very first family literacy graduates, I was tickled.  I hope he realizes how much he’s grown as a Papi and how much his little girls look up to him.  Good daddies are so precious and are the jewels our society sometimes fails to appreciate.