What an exciting week it has been!

Smiling B and Callie at dog park

Last weekend, for B’s birthday, I suggested that we “live in luxury” for awhile and have a mini-vacation.  2 nights in a 3-star hotel for some serious R & R.  Turned out to be a gift we both needed.  We had fun exploring 3 different types of cuisine while we were there: Indian, Italian, and German.  All tasted great and were welcome breaks from routine.  We also had time to check out some new dog parks in the area, which got Callie’s and Bandit’s stamps of approval. 

Additionally, B gave me the most wonderful Mother’s Day gift ever: a new bathing suit and a chance to use it.  Pud has officially been introduced to swimming!   Judging by his contented snooze at a time when he’s normally awake, he must have enjoyed the sensation.  Overall, it was a very lovely break from routine and the stress of everyday life.  Guess this can count as our “babymoon”.

Yay for swimming!

Sunday, being Mother’s Day and the day before the birthdays of both my sister and my husband, we had a big family gathering at Mama’s house.  The chicken cordon bleu leftovers were the best breakfasts for three days! It was a pleasure to see everyone, though B opted to spend his afternoon/evening at home, napping.  His birthday, his choice.  Turned out to be a good choice for him, I think.  The whole weekend was full of trying to get his exhausted body and mind some serious rest, through naps, mindless cable TV, and non-agendas.  I think he finally emerged more refreshed.

B's going-home-from-hospital outfit

I wasn’t really expecting this, but as a part of Mother’s Day, I also received cards and gifts from both of our moms.  B’s mom had saved his going-home-from-the-hospital outfit and many of his big blankets, and she passed those to me.  Mama said that she felt like little Puddin’ had whispered that he needed her to get something for me, and she splurged on an adorable outfit for him.  B’s mom gave him an amazing mini-replica of an Air Force suit worn by pilots after the Korean War (gosh, I hope I’m getting this story right!) that was made for him when he was a young toddler.  Somewhere, we have a digital copy of a picture of B wearing it when he was small.  That’s a project for another day.

B's pilot suit

"Hug Me" outfit from Grandmama

On Wednesday, we paid another visit to Dr. C, the high-risk OB.  He did a follow-up 3D ultrasound check on our boy’s heart, since Pud was too small for a good view last time.  In his words, “Everything looks great.  I won’t be seeing you again, unless they decide you need me later.”  With that, B was able to sigh a deep sigh of relief and is now ready to tell more people that he’s going to be a daddy.  It must be hard for the daddy-to-be.  At least I can feel Pud moving around inside me throughout the day, and with Callie’s frequent, all-day-long check-me’s, I have very little worry that something’s wrong with him. 

During the ultrasound, Callie did a paws-up on the table to check in with me and with Pud.  Bandit settled in for a nap.  Pud, meanwhile, was throwing his fists around and kicking up a storm.  Was he ever mad to be awakened from sleep!

Fists of Fury! 23 wks, 3 days

  Guess Callie knew that he doesn’t like the ultrasound machine tones (maybe she doesn’t either, actually), because she seemed to pick up on his agitation before we did.  I recently have heard the ultrasound makes noise that can be annoying- especially since he can now hear so well.  While I’m grateful to have been given a glimpse of him just about every month, I am now debating asking them not to do any more ultrasounds that they wouldn’t normally do for any other healthy baby.  The Doppler that Dr. S uses has a counter that she can show me, and B can hear him just fine; these should be enough reassurance that he’s doing well.  

23 wks, 3 days

Also while lying on the ultrasound table, I actually saw Pud’s movements for the first time.  It’s so strange to see one’s skin move likeso.  B can definitely feel him now, if he’s lucky and patient enough to put his hand in the right spot and wait.  Since he still does most of his biggest movements in my lower abdomen, I’m not yet ready to share these movements with anyone but B.  

He was, on Wednesday, a good 8 inches from head to butt, with long legs, and roughly 1.5 pounds.  He’s about as long as an ear of corn, head to rump.  Fascinating, huh? 

Even more fascinating: he’s learning his daddy’s voice as much as my own.  He already knows Callie and Bandit’s voices, too- I can tell because he has already habituated to their barks and doesn’t startle when he hears them.  Sometimes, he even seems to get excited with them, like when Callie and I are singing kids’ songs at work.  He seems to find their presence soothing at other times.  There have been a couple of nights that I settle in to sleep, and he won’t settle until Callie or Bandit curls up on/next to my stomach with him.  He immediately relaxes and goes to sleep.  He danced around in response to some honky-tonk types of country music on Sunday night, but stopped when it switched to slower country music.  Isn’t it amazing that he’s not even born yet, and he’s developing very definite opinions about the world around him?

Now that we know Pud’s doing great… I’m off to see Dr. S to be sure that I am, too.  Don’t forget to swing by Week 23 to vote on our list of names!  This is pretty much the only opportunity that we’re providing for outside input on this child’s potential name.

Update from visit with Dr. S: I am also doing well.  Gained only one pound this month- whew!  After packing on a whopping 8 last month (none the month before and only about 3-4 in the previous months combined), I was feeling a little pressure to make sure that I’m not gaining too much too soon.  Of course, a lot of that 8 was water weight, due to the intense heat and resulting water retention.  Next month, I get to look forward to the glucose test.  Yum.