This week was significant for Pud in a number of ways:

  1. His daddy placed his hands on my abdomen one night and could feel him moving for the very first time.
  2. He is beginning the weight gain growth spurt- he should double his weight in the next four weeks.  That means he’ll be just over 2 pounds by next month!  He is about as long as a papaya, measuring head to rump.
  3. Our community endured a weekend of continuous hard rains and thunderstorms that led to a power outage due to a tree falling in a neighbor’s house behind us that pulled down a utility pole  AND a week of a record flood as the Kentucky River swelled way past its banks.
  4. He received his very first hand-me-downs (except for his cousin’s old baby furniture) from two of my students.  I love my students for their big hearts and kind spirits.

Very first hand-me-down clothes

More first hand-me-downs

Hand-me-downs that haven't even been worn!

The local excitement over the flooding was perhaps the most memorable aspect of this week.  There were a lot of roads that were closed due to the floodwaters, and there for a while, I was nervous about the river getting high enough to close some of the main bridges in town, not just the Singing Bridge.  Fortunately, it did not.  As far as I know, no lives were lost, unlike those in the unfortunate Nashville-area flooding.  The community garden on Second Street was completely underwater; I have pictures of people paddleboating and canoeing around that area.  The entire street of Paul Sawyier Drive, which is part of one of our frequent dogwalking paths, was completely underwater, as was the end of 4th street, which is just down the road from me.  One of our most-frequently-used pathways was closed due to high water, as well- Old Lawrenceburg Road.  Water is an amazing and powerful thing. 

Old Lawrenceburg Boat Ramp on May 4

Old Lawrenceburg Boat Ramp, May 6

I have more pictures that I’m still working on getting downloaded; apparently having 500 pictures on a camera card makes it a slow process.  Who’d have thunk it?   I debated being yet another rubbernecker with a camera taking pictures of a natural disaster, but this was a pretty significant event that happened in the year of Pud’s birth.  I decided that it needed to be documented as a part of our family history.  Funny how becoming a parent means becoming a historian, too.

The flood crosses the name “Noah” off of the list, despite the fact that it means “peace”.  The list now consists of the following names and their meanings.  I said in my last post to avoid telling me which ones you hate, but this is your chance to say which ones you like.  Some of them are still long shots, but we can’t know for sure until he arrives which name will fit him the best.