Hooray! We’re halfway there!

Pud is doing great- kicking and moving around anytime I am still for a while.  And quiet. 

The information from What to Expect for the week is about girls being born with all the eggs they’ll ever have- and having millions more right now than they’re actually born with, while boys’ testicles begin descent as their scrotums finish growing.  In summary: now’s about the time it’s clear on an ultrasound what the sex of the baby is.  Which we already know.  So. 

B's so excited! New pink Dell computer with Windows 7! Oooohhh!

At least we saw him squirming and wiggling around a lot this morning (no, no caffeine to help motivate him) during the heartbeat ultrasound.  We did something a little different this time.  In the past, the scans showed his heartbeat on the screen, like a heart monitor, but this time, the tech turned the sound on the machine way up and I put my hand on the speakers to feel it.  SO cool.

It was funny to read in the app about how my nails are probably growing almost faster than I can keep them manicured- this is quite accurate.  It was once a month for a trim, then two weeks, then once a week and now it’s something like every 4 days.  My uterus is about even with my navel now, and I’ve been feeling the (sometimes sharp and painful!) stretching of my uterus and my abdomen this week, as it is moving out of my pelvis region.  Dr. S explained that this feeling is normal.

All of my urine tests are still normal.  I’m retaining water terribly, though.  Again, reassurance from the doctor: it’s the heat.  I’m supposed to keep drinking lots of water and take time to prop up the feet when I can.  Also focusing on more protein, veggies, and fruits, and fewer carbs.  It’s okay with me, it’s just carbs are more easily portable snacks for work, and generally less messy.  Oh, well.  I can adjust.

Callie kept her eyes all scrunched up because her right eye was infected and sore.

Callie developed an eye infection last weekend, so I had to leave my girl home Monday and Tuesday.  She had conjunctivitis- pink eye- probably caused by allergies or something getting into her eye and causing irritation, which developed into an infection.  It wasn’t contagious, but I felt that she needed to rest and avoid allergens for a couple of days.  She’s doing much better now.  She’s been amazingly patient with me trying to get the eye meds in her eyes.  VERY cooperative.  Thank goodness for “check eyes” practice and for yummy cheese pieces as a reward for cooperation.  She makes me proud.

Bandit has been doing great this week, too, alerting to B’s highs/lows very persistently, even when B gets annoyed and wants him to stop- he persists.  Good ol’ Aussie cajones.  B will acquience, correct the high/low, and Bandit gets a treat and settles back down.  It’s fascinating to watch.   Bandit KNOWS his job, and when he makes up his mind that it’s time to intervene, he will NOT stop until B listens to him.  That’s an awesome service dog.  He’s setting the bar so high, any dog who follows in the future will have big paws to step into. 

We took time to indulge our Bandit today… you know what makes a really awesome dog bed?  The cushions for papasan chairs.  We went to Pier One and got one on clearance- and B said that when he pulled it out at work, Bandit perked up and was really, really excited about his new work-bed.  Normally, these cushions sell for $40-50, but because we got the last of a print that’s out of style/season, we got it for less than $20.  Not bad at all for a large dog bed!  Apparently,  Bandit was in heaven all day.  Score on a great “treat”!
B’s work is scheduling a baby shower for us in August.  There are several people asking me about when we’re planning to have one, but I dunno.  Am I supposed to know?   I suppose I should.  It just seems so early to think about a baby shower, when we have 20 weeks left to go! 

When are the NC strawberries gonna be ready????  Pud and I REALLY want some!