Pud is the size of an avocado right now. I forget what size produce s/he is working towards in the next couple of days.  Last week, I marvelled over how Pud could hear me and my many internal noises… this week, Pud’s ears are developed enough that s/he can hear loud sounds and be startled by them- and desensitized to sounds like the dogs barking.  This means a baby who will know to sleep through normal dog chatter and to wake up if there’s a serious alert being sounded- woot! 

Ultrasound at 15 weeks, 5 daysWe did see Pud on Friday.  Long legs, this child has.  Great!  S/he was sleeping quite a bit, actually, and so the ultrasound tech was tapping different parts of my belly to try to wake her/him up some. It was when I laughed that s/he moved around, from sitting to the bent-over-a-cane look, some kicking, and back to sitting. We got to clearly see the spine and all his/her bones- so cool- and kinda like watching shadowy skeleton movies.

 At any rate, Pud has a strong heartbeat: 146.  The old wives’ tale states that anything over 140 indicates a girl, but science hasn’t supported that theory.  You can surmise what you wish; you have a 50/50 chance of being right.  🙂 

Every now and again, I can feel a few really light fluttery movements, like this morning, when I turned to B. and said, “well, Pud’s awake.”

One decision we made at this visit was to NOT do the blood screen for spina bifida, down syndrome, etc. The results would not change the fact that we’re having a baby.  If the results were positive for one of these, then we’d be spending the rest of this healthy pregnancy with a cloud hanging over us.  Honestly, B, who likes to “be prepared”, kind of does want to know, but all he’d do is read and get to know more about the disorders, so we’ll be doing that anyway.  The odds are so overwhelmingly in favor of a perfectly healthy child with no disabilities anyway, and, frankly, I’m perfect but nobody knew at my birth that I’d have a different kind of perfect ears when I got older!

BTW, for those who don’t know, there’s only 10% chance my deafness will be passed to the baby- we’d have to both have exactly the same recessive genes for my particular hearing loss, and there are so many different types and different genes that matching up so precisely is highly unlikely. 

At the same time, we are following Dr. S’s recommendation to visit Dr. C to have a 3D ultrasound, which will indicate if Pud is having any trouble developmentally- heart problems, etc.  Probably not, but if there is something we should worry about, then we’ll find out there.  We go to him on April 7th.  We go back to Dr. S the week after.

As for me, I’m doing pretty well.  As B says, “Pud loves you so much, he’s making you eat healthier!”  As a result, I actually have not gained any weight in the past month- not a cause for alarm this early on.  So for the entire pregnancy so far, I’ve gained about 3 lbs.  The weather has gotten so much more inviting, so I have been talking more and longer walks with my Callie girl.  In addition, I eat a lot of fruit, eggs, granola, and my lunchtime indulgence- peanut butter.  Of course there’s the regular foods, too; not really interested in fried or in food from fast food joints- or really, any place away from home.  I don’t eat it all the time, but we agreed that I should indulge the peanut butter craving while at work to reduce B’s exposure. Research shows that it doesn’t prevent an allergy or cause an allergy if the woman eats peanuts while pregnant. Dr. T once told me that it’s more likely that our child won’t have this allergy because I don’t.  While nursing, however it is a no-no, so this year, for the first time in five years, I expect a frozen pb egg at Easter time!  B shook his finger at Pud last weekend and said, “she’s been so good for five years! This is your fault, Pud!” LOL