Pud can now hear me (wow-an audience that can’t complain about my being out-of-tune!), though probably not so much anyone else yet. His/her ears have moved into place and the bones are there. Pud is about 4-5 inches long now and weighs about 3 ounces.  His/her eyes are moving from the side of the head to the front.

He/she is hungry about every 2-3 hours, and makes this fact loud and clear. Couldn’t go to sleep last night, despite exhaustion, because Pudders demanded a bedtime snack at 11.  I have the phone set to remind me to take a break to eat a little something throughout the day, in case Pud’s yelling isn’t getting through my thick and otherwise-occupied skull.

Still can’t feel Pud’s movements, but apparently, I’m carrying around quite an acrobat inside. Pud has definitely moved up out of my pelvis, which somehow allowed me two more days in my “fat jeans” this week- hooray! Where  he/she was before wouldn’t allow me to even pull up the beginning part of the zipper.  I realize those jean days are limited, as Pud is still growing.

Major cravings and favorite foods this week: Spanish rice, tomatoes, veggie beef soup, eggs, peanut butter/peanuts (which I give in to about once a week, and give B. a heads’ up), lettuce with cherry tomatoes, clementines, milk, yogurt with granola, and frozen blueberries.  Need to pull out the George Foreman and start grilling chicken- grilled chicken is often way too salty otherwise. Oh, and I want water. Can’t get enough, because I’m so congested all the time. Yay pregnancy (and normal seasonal) congestion, I appreciate the extra trips to the bathroom in the night, right when I was supposed to get a break!  Don’t worry- glucose levels are still good.

Kinda took a break on collecting baby stuff this week. Enjoyed the sunshine instead- much needed vitamin D and exercise, for all four of us.  Big goal for today and this weekend is to get rid of more stuff that we don’t use or need. Makin’ space for Pud!  Yay, Goodwill!

We have a follow-up next Friday.  So excited about seeing Baby Pud again.