Pud stats: long as a lemon, and ready to graduate to the next piece of produce in a couple of days. His/her theme song this week is “Movin’ on Up”- definitely has been doing that, and my waistline, whatever there was, is quickly fading.  With this is comin’ some new wardrobe adjustments.

Mama stats: at 5 pm yesterday, I had put in a whopping 39 hours at work since Monday. Is it any wonder that a meltdown ensued when I arrived home after an 11-hour day on Thursday?  And a second last night?  I’m working on it. Somehow, something will be changing, though this week this schedule was especially difficult.  Perhaps because sleeping was a challenge this week.  Right when I learned how to get comfy on my side, Pud moved up.  🙂 I should resign myself to the sleepless nights, but most of you are well aware how mean I get when I’m sleep-deprived, so I’m continuing to fight for every minute I can get. I just wish I could still make time forafternoon naps. 

As S. says, a happy mama makes for a happy baby.  Working on it.

Been checking my glucose levels periodically throughout the week, just because I have a potential risk for developing diabetes- or suffering from hypoglycemia- so far, my numbers are right where they need to be; solidly in the normal range.

Two more days of Progesterone supplements!  Wahoo! 

Daddy update: B. got to see a 6 week old visiting his workplace this week. He said Bandit sniffed the baby in its mom’s arms from the floor, and wanted to fulfill his curiosity more, but seemed content to let it go with just a good “smell it”.  Bandit has not had as much experience with babies as Callie girl has, so we look forward to patiently teaching him about loving on the baby, without patting it or smothering with kisses, which he is probably going to be prone to do at first.  On a side note, B. enjoyed seeing the baby all balled up tightly while sleeping. 🙂

Baby gear updates: we were able to go pick up the changing table and my niece’s old dresser to use for Pud.  A. says she still has some gear for us- highchair, I think. There may be something else, but it escapes me right now.  My niece was so sweet as she showed me her bedroom and went around saying, “this will go to your house someday, and this…” as she pointed to her desk and hutch and cabinet thing. It was a sweet moment, and I adored my niece’s excitement to share with her baby cousin. 

We decided that we want to get our own crib, as niece’s crib was purchased by her Grandma A., who requested that J. keep it.

We will probably also look for a kid-safe size of a bookshelf- most likely the $30 3-shelf deal when one of the office stores has a sale- Or, maybe, once we figure out how and where the nursery will be set up, we will have some fun with building some. Y’all surely know how much reading will be going on, and how many books little Pud will have!  I will have it no other way, though certainly, we will also use the library to our advantage. 

We made another fun-for-Pud purchase when I saw the fantastic vibrating teethers marked down from $9 to $3. Never have seen them on sale like that anywhere, and I know how much they help our babies in our family literacy program. B. agreed, so it’s been purchased and put aside.

Thinking of doing a Noah’s Ark type of “theme” for Pud’s room. Please realize that doesn’t mean we’re going to have the pulled-together look in magazines.  Ha!  In fact, the crib will not have bumpers, as they can suffocate baby, nor blankets at night, for similar reasons- at first, we plan to use the sleep sacks. 

Have been pondering names some more.  Thinking that we’re pretty settled on boys’ names, but not as much for girls’.  I am getting irritated with people who are naming or have named kids the names I really like, especially when I’m not crazy about the kids in question. I used to laugh at women for feeling this way, and you can laugh at me, but grrr!

Most lovely moment last night: walked into Kroger and immediately picked out the scent of hyacinths.  Ahh, how I love that smell!  It made me feel happy all over.