Pud has spent this past week being about the size of a peach.  Vocal cords have been developing, and the intestines have been moving out of the umbilical cord into the abdomen, or at least starting to. This week, hair gets to growing- let’s all hope Pud gets B.’s thick hair that is genetically guarded against going grey at anywhere close to the normal time for greying.

Callie curled up with the baby bump this morning, while talking to Ben about today's plans. Puppy love is so sweet.

The other exciting change is that Pud’s starting to move up- meaning I’m starting to look more pregnant and less  bloated. I’ll have to take a second picture this weekend- we took one 2 weeks ago, so we can compare the changes over time.

B. spent money this week to make me a happy camper who gets better sleep. I am the proud owner of a Boppy pillow for pregnancy that is designed to support the entire body. I love it. I love sleep. I love my hubby for wanting me to get good sleep. 

We have also talked with A & J this week to determine which big items we’ll need to plan to get. Thanks to the lovely hand-me-down and loan system, Pud is the proud future user of a changing table, dresser, glider/rocker (to sit in with mom or dad), and highchair/swing combo.  We will be looking for our own crib and car seats. We are very grateful to those who have gone before us and kept their equipment!

Our first purchase specifically for Pud occurred this week: a three-pack of bibs. The first has a puppy face that says “doggone cute”, the second says “I ruff you”, and the third says “I am loveable and huggable.” 

We are having family singalongs more now- it is hilarious and fun singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and other kid songs while Callie and Bandit sing along. Pud will definitely know all of their vocal ranges by the time s/he is born.  I’m glad. I will have a child who can sleep through their regular sounds and wake up to the true alarms. 

Bandit snuggled up with his head on our Baby Pud bump during Saturday morning snugglefest.

They continue to take turns curling up next to Pud, or to drape themselves in a big puppy hug (this is usually a Bandit move) across my belly throughout the week.

Callie tells me when I need to eat, and I’m always grateful for the reminder. She keeps much closer tabs on the way I smell, to the point that even though I don’t have any problems with diabetes, I can tell that she’s alerting when my blood sugar is dropping and I can ask her “high or low”? And she’ll paw the low instead of giving a high five. She will probably (hopefully) never be alerting to a high on me, but if she ever does, I’ll know it’s time to get checked for gestational diabetes. Makes me really glad that I have encouraged her to learn those scent patterns and signals on friends with diabetes.  Love my over-trained service dog!

Oh, and I got my vision checked. All is well.

One more week of Progesterone supplements!  I am one week away from my second trimester, officially. We are almost out of the zone for the greatest danger of losing Pud, which is exciting and relieving at the same time. One day at a time!

Along that note, we are blessed to have a lot of people praying for us and for Pud. Like she did for my niece, my mama will be making a prayer quilt for Pud. Mama- we originally said we want yellow and green, like my baby quilt,  but if you haven’t bought fabric, B. later said that really, green and purple would be better- because green is B.’s favorite color and purple is mine.

If this new design is anything like my niece’s, each block will have the name(s) of people or groups that have been praying for her.  I’ll probably have to send a list soon. Because there are so many different church groups praying for us, I think I want to request one block to say The Church, as in the unified body of Christ, as imperfect and sometimes very different as the parts may be.

So, D, S, and S- think about what name you want Pud to be calling you someday- knowing that they sometimes change it slightly as they learn to talk (which explains how “Grand-dad” became “Dad-dad” and stuck). We have a Grandmama, Pop-Pop, Nanny, and Dad-dad already, just to give you a heads’ up.  You have about six months left to decide.  Feel free to be creative. I will protest only if you choose the stuffy and formal Grandmother or Grandfather…  Kentucky girl.  🙂

The speculations we’ve encountered on the sex of this baby makes the waiting so entertaining.  I think I have heard more votes for boy than girl at this point, but I think people usually say boy because they think all new papas want boys. People are funny. 

27 weeks and 2 days to go!