Our Pud is doing GREAT.  Because I can’t hear the Doppler, they will be doing short ultrasounds with me every time to allow me to see it, because they know that knowing your baby’s heart is beating well is a major source of reassurance.  B. can also hear it; he was amazed at how much louder it was than last time.  I’m feeling very blessed to have such a caring staff watching over us as we go through this process.

ultrasound picture, week 11All I can tell you about today’s ultrasound picture is that Pud was caught resting his/her right hand on his/her forehead, as if giving a military salute. :). While on the monitor, Pud stretched, kicked several times, waved his/her fingers at Mama (B. missed it), and wiggled around a bit before settling in that final pose of the salute for a rest.  Pud is at least 2 times as big as 4 weeks ago, bordering on 3 times as big. Very exciting and humbling and incredibly reassuring.

I have 16 more doses of the Progesterone suppositories left to go, then I can stop the supplements- that will be at 14 weeks. Folic acid and prenatal vitamins to continue.

In another exciting vein, Dr. S. will be delivering Pud, regardless of who else is on call, barring any illness or other major reason for her not to be there. I had asked at what point I would start seeing the rotation of doctors and she said that wouldn’t be happening, because she would be following us exclusively. It paid to go through the whole journey with the same wonderful doc. God is great.

My energy is mostly picking up again, though I have to remind myself to take breaks and to eat more often. Small meals are about all I can get down, which is fine. Breakfast is usually my pig-out time, because I am usually so ravenous from eight hours of rest. LOL. First weird craving/ food eaten that would never be eaten normally- steakburger with A1 sauce from Steak and Shake. Burgers are so not my normal fare, and most especially NOT from a fast food place, but the steakburger shooters were so yummy last night, I had to have them again earlier tonight.

We are preparing in unique ways for Pud’s arrival. Callie and Bandit still check up on me- Callie has been especially vigilant about checking all of my scents all the time. Callie curls up on top of Pud pretty frequently; Bandit gives Pud kisses at night and drapes himself over my belly sometimes, too. Ben looks at real estate ads for housing for several thousand dollars less than we are paying for our current house. He is doing so in anticipation of becoming a single-income household. We both read the daily and weekly info on the What to Expect app on the phone. I have devoured books and videos to learn about what I need to be doing while preggers and to arm myself with strategies and info for the birth.  Now that I have some energy, I’m doing a lot of catching up on seriously neglected housework and teaching Callie to do more fetching, carrying, and retrieving dropped items.