Pud, according to What to Expect, is now lime-sized.  S/he is able to do somersaults and is growing nailbeds for finger and toenails. Yup, Little Bit has fingers and toes! We look forward to seeing our Pud next Friday, the 19th.

In the meantime, the current status here is that I seem to have a sinus/respiratory infection, as a result of forgetting that I’m not on Zyrtec, though I took 25 mg of Benadryl within 20 min of exposure to cats and onset of symptoms. Sigh.  I’m heading for the doctor today. I’ve been trying to stick with mostly fluids, as the strong coughing combined with pregnancy has lead to some of my first episodes of “morning sickness”.  As I remember last year’s broken rib, I’m trying my best to get over this quickly. That is not an experience I want to repeat!

Bandit and Callie continue to stay close to my belly and give Pud nightly kisses, so I’m assuming that means all is still well.  Thank goodness. I know they will be very good with Baby Pud. They might be reluctant to let any of my family see him/her at first, but we’re working on that to prepare them, and will work through it if it happens.  Callie sometimes protects us already by sliding her body between me and whomever she’s unsure about, and she’s been getting much better about relaxing when I tell her our command, and give her time to do so slowly.  If I don’t tell her the command, she stays watchful, which is actually a relief, since I don’t work in the greatest area of town. 

Well, that’s our scoop. Look for another email next week with news from the doctor. Keep the prayers coming. I’m considered high risk for now, because of our fertility problems before now and my lowered levels of progesterone, though things are still going well, with the extra folic acid and progesterone supplements. I think when we hit the second trimester, Pud will be getting most of his/her progesterone thru the placenta, which should be making it instead of my body needing to make it. Not sure, but we will see. 
Oh, and we are not planning to find out the sex until birth.  Names will be contemplated but probably not announced until we meet the little one. For now, you can take comfort I knowing that Jedidiah Ezekiel Archibald Grace Campbell is probably not going to be the final selection, though you may hear it bandied about when we’re asked about the name. 🙂