Look: no "Not" in front! Twice!!

We found out a mere two weeks ago that we’re expecting a baby.  A week ago, we saw and heard our Baby Pud… he/she is real! 

sonogram of Baby Pud at approx. 7 weeks, 5 days

7 weeks, 5 days

This totally explains my Callie girl’s behavior for the past couple of weeks.  Nudging my belly, getting between me and anyone she doesn’t know, resting in front of me instead of to my side… yup, she knew before I did!  She has been attuned to Baby Pud’s own unique scent markers inside of me.  As we were able to hear Baby Pud’s strong little heartbeat through the ultrasound, I’m convinced Callie and Bandit, with their super-amazing hearing, have been listening to it, too.  Every night this past week, one or the other has checked on Baby Pud.  Last night, my belly got a lot of kisses from Bandit before bed.  The dogs are so sweet, and they are accepting that Baby Pud is theirs, too, even before he/she enters the world.  We are encouraging this bond, by talking to them about Baby Pud and asking them to “check” to see that he/she is doing okay.  The biggest challenge we may face when Baby Pud arrives is not jealous dogs, but highly protective dogs.  We’ll be working with our trainer to minimize that challenge during these months of waiting, too.